President Obama's nominee for head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, is expected to be voted on by the Senate today. If confirmed, Yellen would become the first woman to fill the powerful post, replacing Ben Bernanke. The new central bank chief will have to make the decision to continue or end the Fed's popular stimulus program. Yellen is expected to start her new job on Feruary 1st.

There's some competition heating up in the mobile industry. AT&T is offering T-Mobile users upto $450 in credit to switch providers. According to analysts, we can lookfor a similar announcement fromT-Mobile thisweek.

If airlines are looking to save time and money, it seems oneway to drastically do that isby boarding passengers based on their number of carry-ons instead ofwhere they are seated. It'sestimatedthat larger carriers likeDelta couldsave up to $10-million ayear in the time savings!

The nation's first bookless libraryis now open in San Antonio, Texas. With its rows of IMacs, it looks more like an Apple store than a library. Oh - and the librarians also wear matchingTt-shirts and hoodies.

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