Two Democratic senators are demanding answers from Target about its massive data breach. The company is also facing mounting lawsuits. One suit claims Target ignored warnings about security weaknesses as far back as 2007.

We're a little more than two weeks away from this year's Super Bowl and Anheuser-Bush Inbev has released at least some of its plans for its ad time this year. The company will run ads for its Bud Light and Budweiser that will include the iconic Clydesdale horses, celebrities and a salute to the military. The company declined to say what celebrities will be featured or to give away any of its creative details.

If you've ever wanted to trade places with your cat, now you can, sort of, through a new, free video game called 'catlateral damage.' Players take on the role of a bored feline and then rack up points by knocking things over.

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