VIRGINIA BEACH -- Hundreds of people gathered Saturday for a Crossfit workout in memory of sailors who died after a Navy helicopter crashed off the coast January 8.

Crossfit Unparalleled is on Shell Road in Virginia Beach and all day long athletes, friends and even crew members of HM-14 showed up to show support.

'I flew with all three. Amazing men. Sons. Fathers. Husbands,' said AWS2 Anastasia Reuwer, HM-14.

Lieutenant Sean Snyder, Lieutenant Wesley Van Dorn,and Petty Officer Brian Collins perished after their MH-53 Sea Dragon crashed. Two of their squadron mates workout at Crossfit Unparalleled.

'It's horrible, but prayers go out to their families. I hope they are able to cope with it, and hopefully, this helps a little bit, knowing that their community supports them and cares about them,' said PO1 Joshua Leard.

People worked out in different heats all day long. Some from other gyms. Lawrence Strong came from Chesapeake.

'We do anything to support our vets. My wife is active duty. I was active duty. I am out now, and our gym, they just do anything to support vets,' Strong told 13News Now.

Owner of Crossfit Unparalleled Dawn Cone was moved by the outpouring of support.

'The coming together to make this happen, and the attitude of 'We'll be there, just tell us when and where,' oh, it has just been phenomenal,' Cone said.

Reuwer shared, 'Hold dear to your loved ones. Tell them how much you care for them, and that the three men whose lives were lost did it for their country, for their families, cause they loved what they did.'

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