PORTSMOUTH -- There was a rush on E-ZPass transponders Friday, the day before tolls go into effect.

At the stroke of midnight, drivers will pay the first tolls to cross the Midtown and Downtown tunnels.

People were lined up out the door in Portsmouth at the E-ZPass shop in Victory Shopping Center.

Melissa Spellman needs eight passes for her meat delivery business, but she didn't have time to wait in line.

'I'll try to buy it online,' Spellman said.

VDOT says 78,930 E-ZPass transponders have been distributed since Nov 1.

Portsmouth's E-ZPass store is open Friday until midnight.

Although Portsmouth Police haven't received any reports of stolen transponders, they warn drivers that just like a GPS you should hide your E-ZPass.

If your transponder is stolen, immediately report the theft to the E-ZPass Service Center, using the serial number on the device to deactivate it. Until it's deactivated, the thief could use whatever balance is left for tolls and rack up additional charges.

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