NORFOLK -- It's been a blustery morning and it will be cold -- 30 at the coast, lower to mid 30s inland, so bundle up.

It could be a record-setting temperature, depending on how you look at it.

There are two ways of measuring how cold an airmass is compared to other record setting cold outbreaks. One way is very familiar: it is when we talk about record lows. If you look at that side of things, Friday will not be terribly close to the coldest air we have ever seen on the last day of February.

The other way is what is called a record low maximum. That simply means a very low high temperature. The coldest high temperature we have ever had for February 28 since records have been kept is also 30. That means a high around 30 will tie the coldest last day of February (generally afternoon is when we reach the high) that we have recorded here in Norfolk.

It will be warmer on the weekend. There could be a couple stray showers Saturday and highs will reach the upper 40s. Southwest winds will drive temperatures into the lower 60s Sunday. Skies should be partly sunny.

Look for rain on Monday and another cool down through the middle of next week.

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