VIRGINIA BEACH -- Country music star Luke Bryan recently chose a Virginia Beach man to do some landscaping at his Nashville farm.

Fawcett works full-time as a firefighter, but also runs Elizabeth River Landscape Management. His wife encouraged him to go to the Luke Bryan show in Virginia Beach last May.

'You've been working hard, just relax tonight, and have a great time,' she told him.

Toward the end of the concert, Bryan yelled out, 'Now, I need someone to shake it for me.'

Fawcett raised his hand and Bryan told him to come on stage.

'He just kind of picked me out of the crowd,' Jason Fawcett said.

After he did his dance, Bryan said that was the best one he's ever seen. Fawcett was then invited backstage to hang out after the show.

Two years earlier, Fawcett asked Bryan to sign his landscaping t-shirts to benefit local children with pediatric cancer.

'He said he remembered signing them because he has a photographic memory,' Fawcett said.

This time, Bryan asked Fawcett for help.

'He said he needed to move trees on his Nashville farm, and would I be interested in helping.'

Fawcett wasn't sure if Bryan would really follow up, but several months later he got a call from him.

Fawcett flew out to Nashville to do the work, and now his landscaping business might open a Nashville shop.

Fawcett said he's glad he let loose to do that dance.

'It kind of turned into the best thing. You have to capture the moment. If you're presented and opportunity like that you do it, and try to make the best of it,' Fawcett said.

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