UPDATE 4/18: E-ZPass transactions will resume processing Friday, ERT officials said.

'The transactions, which took place from April 2 present, could not previously be sent to E-ZPass from ERT due to software malfunctions at ERT, which have since been addressed and corrected,' ERT said in a press release.

The transactions will be processed in small batches and it will take about seven to ten days to process all of the held toll transactions.

It is recommended that customers who replenish their E-ZPass accounts manually should monitor balances closely to ensure their accounts remain in good standing.

Customers can contact the ERT Customer Service Center by visiting in person at 700 Port Centre Parkway in Portsmouth, by calling 855-ERT-ROAD, or by emailing

PORTSMOUTH -- There are more toll collecting troubles for Elizabeth River Tunnels and the company is promising a thorough review of the process.

An email to E-Z Pass customers Thursday cited IT issues as reasons tolls hadn't been collected since April 3. The email says the transactions will be processed in the near future and will be processed in small batches over several days.

Officials said the problem affects two percent of users, which is about 20,000 people. They also told 13News Now that the situation is common with electronic tolling.

ERT warned drivers who don't have automatic balance renewal to watch their accounts to make sure there's enough money to cover the uncollected tolls,

The same issue cropped up last month when ERT advised customers that tolls hadn't been collected from February 27 to March 10.ERT said the problem stemmed from software changes and upgrades.

Dear Patron,
Due to IT issues at the Elizabeth River Tunnels, ERT Customer Service Center has been unable to send toll transactions to E-ZPass since April 3, 2014. As a result, no transactions for the Elizabeth River Tunnels (Downtown and Midtown tunnels) have been charged to your account since then.
These transactions will be processed in the near future.
Outstanding transactions will be processed in small batches over a several day period to minimize impacts to E-ZPass accounts. We will provide you with another alert once these transactions begin processing. If you have manual replenishment and have used these tunnels frequently, in the last 10 days, please monitor your balance closely to ensure your account remains in good standing.
For more information you can
visit our Web site or you can call: 1-877-762-7824.

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