Despite a five-year bull market and record low interest rates, it seems Americans are still cautious about investing in the stock market. A new survey finds that 73 percent of Americans across the board say they are not inclined to invest in stocks. One reason is because of two huge crashes the stock market has suffered in the last decade.

According to the travel planning site Hopper, more than 70 percent of domestic air traffic is now in the hands of just four major carriers, but low-cost air carriers can still have an impact. The study also found that when a low-cost airline begins flying a route the average fare on all carriers flying that same route goes down, sometimes by as much as two-thirds. But those discounted fares are usually temporary.

Netflix is now on the set-top boxes of some US cable providers. The company has done it overseas but this is the first time it's happening here in the US. Three cable providers Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN will now add Netflix to the Tivo powered boxes their customers use. This will reportedly enable a better viewing experience with faster start up times and superior image quality.

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