PORTSMOUTH -- The Coast Guard coordinated the rescue of three people about 350 miles east of Virginia Beach Thursday.

Good Samaritans rescued Larry Monesson, 60, Sean Monesoon, 40, and James Moore, 40, after their 41-foot sailboat, the Elusive, was beset by storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Coast Guard 5th District Command Center watchstanders asked for possible assistance from ships in the area after the father of James Moore reported the crew of the Elusive was in distress.

The crew aboard the Bow Clipper, a 600-foot Norwegian flagged tanker, responded to the Coast Guard's EGC broadcast and contacted the crew of the Elusive.

The two crews coordinated the rescue and at approximately 7:15 p.m. all three people were reported safe aboard the Bow Clipper.

'The early communications by the crew of the Elusive and the proactive response by the crew of the Bow Clipper allowed the watchstanders to arrange for the Bow Clipper to be in position to effect an immediate rescue when the situation aboard the sailing vessel Elusive deteriorated,' said Lt. Cmdr. Tim Eason, the 5th District's search and rescue mission coordinator. 'Additionally, the crew of the Elusive took the proper precautions before departing port by ensuring they had a working satellite phone and personal locator beacons.'

The Bow Clipper's next port of call will be Wilmington, North Carolina.

There are no reports of injuries.

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