CHESAPEAKE -- Police say there have been six break-ins in six weeks at the Point Elizabeth Townhomes in Chesapeake.

Most of crimes have occurred in the evening when residents aren't home.

Amber Clendenning says her TV was taken from her living room.

'I came home from work and there were a few items from my house missing,' Clendenning said.
'It was looking like he came in through our back sliding glass door and then out our front door or vice versa. We're not really sure.'

There are extra officers now patrolling the neighborhood. With the Memorial holiday weekend coming up, police have talked with residents on how to keep their homes safe if they're away.

'They were telling us to watch for cars driving slowly,' Clendenning said.

Lisa Ford is a resident and said the break-ins have brought the community together.

'All our neighbors are getting to know one another and we're all checking in with each other when we're gonna be coming and going,' Ford said.

Together, the residents and the police department are determined to find the suspect.

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