GLOUCESTER COUNTY -- The project to stabilize the historic ruins of the Rosewell Mansion in Gloucester County may have hit a snag because someone has been stealing the colonial bricks bought for the job.

Built between 1725 and 1734, Roswell Mansion was the largest and finest mansion in Colonial Virginia. Beverly Egan with the Rosewell Foundation says Thomas Jefferson spent quite a bit of time there.

In 1916, a chimney fire destroyed the mansion. There was an effort to make the site a national park but that failed and over the years the ruins have taken a beating from storms, vandals and thieves.

Now, it seems, thieves are at it again.

The Foundation paid $4,300 for a load of colonial brick to stabilize the ruins and anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 bricks are missing.

'The bricks are extremely important for working on a historical building,' Egan said.

The Gloucester Sheriff's Department is investigating.

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