VIRGINIA BEACH -- Screams and cheers were the order of the day Saturday at Princess Anne High School.

It was Pharrell Williams Day, and the performer/entertainer paid a visit to his alma mater.

'Even in all of my stubbornness, my teachers never gave up on me,' said Williams as he addressed the crowd. 'Oftentimes, you hear celebrities say, 'Oh, you know, well, my teachers never thought I was going to be anything. Look at me now,' but that wasn't my experience.

Williams, who often made jokes in class, got Cs and Ds, and was punished by his band director during his time at PAHS stressed the importance of education and educators.

'That's why I feel like, you know, the teachers here in this school system need to be paid much more than what they're paid,' Williams stated, drawing applause in the process.

Williams' foundation FromOne Hand to AnOTHER helps make sure students have the tools they need to succeed, emphasizing the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

'You guys have to pay attention to what's going on,' Williams advised. 'Even though I identify myself as a 'localer' and not necessarily a celebrity, I do want you to start thinking globally.

Student Brijon Hodges said, 'That makes me feel really happy that I get to touch the floors where he was at, and it's just, I don't know, it's speechless.'

'It's actually really inspiring, and I'm really excited,' Veronica Otim, who hopes to pursue a career in the performing arts, told 13News Now, referring to Williams' visit.

Williams' mother, Dr. Carolyn Williams, joined her son for the weekend assembly.

'I am very proud. It is a honor, and definitely, when you think about the words of his song 'Happy,' 'a room without a roof,' there are no words to express the gratitude and the great feeling,' she said.

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