Facebook is up and running after a brief global outage overnight. You may have slept through this one, but millions of users were left with an error message on the website and mobile app for about an hour.

Those Transportation Security Administration fees that are added to the price of an airline ticket are going up next month. Congress agreed to raise the fees as part of a budget deal, but get this: The TSA plans to change the definition of a round trip and will be charging fees per segment as opposed to per trip.

Apple is trying to save you money. The company has unveiled a new entry-level iMac with a lower price. The computer has a twenty-one and a half inch screen and starts at 11-hundred dollars.

Mattel has unveiled its 'Entrepreneur Barbie'. She's ready for business; perfectly styled and yes, she's still impossibly proportioned.The toy company says she's suppose to fuel the corporate ambition of little girls.

Well, bacon might be what's fueling you. Turns out Americans ate 1.1 billion servings of it in the year ending in April. That's up 6 percent from the year before.
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