What is it? It's a thick rubber adhesive sealant.

What does it claim? It claims to be the easy way to caulk, bond and seal! A perfect bead every time!

Who tested it? Chesapeake resident and handyman around the house Darrell Willette checked it out for us.

What Are The Instructions? Before you start using Flex Shot you need to make sure the surface you are working on is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and oil. Once you're ready to go, be sure to hold the can at a 45 degree angle. Be sure to push against the nozzle side, applying the material into the joint or seam to obtain full contact between sealant and surface. If you need to do some further tooling with Flex Shot be sure to complete it within five minutes. Remove any excess sealant immediately with a dry paper towel. The Flex Shot will form a tack free skin in 20 minutes. The length of a full cure depends on factors like temperature and humidity. But sections 1/8' become rubbery solids in about 24 hours. Once you're done using your Flex Shot, make sure that you extend a small amount of material beyond the end of the nozzle. It will cure and form a seal for the remaining material. When you're ready to use Flex Shot again just pull out the cured plug and you're ready to go.

Did it work ? Our tester was pretty impressed. His favorite thing about Flex Shot is that it's an aerosol can, so you don't need to spend more money buying a caulking gun. Plus, he found it really easy to use. After 20 minutes he could easily tell Flex Shot was working. But he gave it the full 24 hours to cure before officially giving me his 'thumbs up' on the product.

Cost/Availability? We purchased a can of clear Flex Shot at Walmart for $12.88. Flex Shot also comes in cans of black and white.
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