VIRGINIA BEACH -- City Council voted Tuesday to transfer $120,000 to the Housing and Neighborhood Preservation to abate a blighted property in Virginia Beach.

The home on Newbern Lane has received 40 violations in nine years and has gutters hanging from the roof, a shed rotting to the ground, and neighbors who say enough is enough.

'It's a little depressing. Everything's sinking into the water, dock's a mess, vines overgrown everywhere,' neighbor Michael Brennan said.

Virginia Beach City Councilman John Uhrin says although no one lives at the home, someone owns the property and pays taxes on it every year.

Despite the city's numerous attempts to reach the homeowner, they say they owner has made no changes to the property in order for it to be up to code.

'I'm sure if somebody came to buy my house, which is not for sale, they would think twice about buying it because of the eyesore,' neighbor Robert Manges said.

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