VIRGINIA BEACH -- Several tree servicing companies were in the Red Mill area of Virginia Beach Friday to clean up the mess left by quick moving storms Thursday.

Winds reached speeds of 75 mph and downed massive trees. Companies are working around the clock to clean up debris.

Randy Ford was dealing with the aftermath, sifting through his backyard for anything salvageable.

'I've lived here 28 years, been through many a hurricane, but never saw anything like this,' Ford said. 'All the limbs and everything just came down and three sections of the fence are just demolished.'

Residents recall seeing trees hunched to a 45 degree angle, hearing howling winds and watching out their windows as debris smashed through properties.

'The tree over here split. Two-thirds of it went right up against the house,' resident Ken Icenbice said.

This has been the busiest summer for Chris Kelley and his tree service crew. They have a list of properties still needing professional help from prior storms.

'Storms keep hitting up here and of course, people get scared of future stuff, so they want to get a lot of trimming done and taking trees down so they can avoid stuff like this,' Kelley said.

Workers say it could take up to a week to remove all the debris.

'I never want to see it again. When mother nature speaks, you better listen,' Ford said.

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