Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday cited 'very real gaps' between world powers and Iraq over details of a proposed nuclear agreement.

Kerry rejected a proposal from Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that Iran could maintain its current number of nuclear enrichment centrifuges as part of a long-term deal with six world powers that would lead to a gradual end of sanctions, multiple news organizations reported.

'We have made it crystal clear that the 19,000 (centrifuges) that are currently part of their program is too many,' quoted Kerry as saying after talks with Zarif.

Kerry is in Vienna for two days of talks ahead of Sunday's deadline for a nuclear deal. He cited some progress but said much work remains.

Kerry was scheduled to return to Washington on Tuesday to consult with President Barack Obama and Congress about the state of negotiations. He says he will also discuss the possibility of extending the talks past the deadline.

Contributing: Associated Press

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