CHESAPEAKE -- Some motorcycle riders continue to recover after the driver of an SUV ran them off the road Saturday on Fentress Airfield Road near Land of Promise Road. Paramedics had to take three out six people to the hospital. One person was flown there.

Police aren't sure if the driver intentionally ran the four motorcycles off the roadway or if the driver was distracted.

'It would seem that if you've got four bikes running together, typically, that's a pretty big target,' said Mike Fries who rides with Tidewater Bikers. 'They've got to be pretty distracted to not notice that. If it's one bike, that might be a different story, but if it's four, find it hard to believe that it was an accident.'

Fries and other members of the group work to raise awareness of the dangers motorcyclists face, as well as educate riders to safe practices.

'People don't pay attention, and they come in your lane, on the cell phone or whatever, and it's dangerous. You really have to pay attention,' said Samuel Casey. 'I constantly look in my mirrors, even at a stoplight. Hold your brake so you can see the brake light. Check your brake.'

Casey told 13News Now he also advises riders to make sure they wear protective gear from head to toe.

'Get trained. Take your time. Learn. Don't be stupid,' Fries said. 'The more you talk to people, the more they kind of get aware of motorcycles, and it's a two-way street, you know, you've got to be considerate of each other, just like anything else in life.'

Officers have not been able to entertain filing charges related to the incident on Fentress Airfield Road -- if filing charges would be appropriate -- because they don't know who the driver of the SUV was. Police expect all three of the riders to recover.

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