VIRGINIA BEACH --It's been a week of amazing athletics in the form of the American Iron Man Competition. Swim and paddle and row and run. East coast, west coast and competitors from everywhere in between.

LaSalle University swim coach Matt Nunnally is 44 years old and a multi-time national champion in this event.

'It's a great venue. I was here in 2005 and really enjoyed myself then, and it's really nice to be back because there are really hospitable people here in Virginia Beach and it's a great venue for the competition for sure,' said Nunnally.

Athleticism sure helps. And make no mistake about it - these guys love competing, but they can all get real serious when they need to.

'It's just an opportunity to see these athletes do what they do and know that when they're needed to perform in life and death situations, physically we know they're ready and this kind of competition prepares them mentally too,' said organizer Tom Gill of Virginia Beach.

They rotate locations each year for this United States Lifeguard Association Lifeguard Championship. It was in Virginia Beach 9 years ago.

'But seeing all the California guards, it's pretty cool seeing how fast they are but. We hold our own too. We just have a lot of athletic people on our team,' said Virginia Beach lifeguard Allison Parks.

They've had national exposure on the Weather Channel this week and a sports network will air a documentary in September. It's all about lifeguarding and lifeguards love what they do.

'You're in the sun all day, but you're also helping other people out too,' said New Jersey lifeguard Ann Skimmons. 'You get to talk to a lot of people during the day and meet new faces and it's really great all around. You know - competing and just working and saving lives it's what it is all about,' she said.

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