I was training to be a C&C operator at Premier Millworks in Virginia Beach.

All I have to do is program the computer, set the wood in place and then let the computer take over and to do the actual cutting.

'What do I tell them? I tell them I am a cabinet maker and I build just about everything,' said Karen Fischer.

Karen has worked at Premiere Millworks for 5 years. She works in the same area as Ed Karpie, who says he stopped counting after he hit 30 years.

'My passion is furniture. And this gives me an opportunity to work with solid woods and do radius work. Mostly I'm doing churches.' said Karpie.

The pieces I was working with are suctioned down so when the machine takes over they stay in place.

'When you get about an eight-foot cabinet and you got to put it up on that machine right there. And it's about two-feet wide, That's the hard part,' said Chrissy Whorral.

Premiere has done everything from Catch 31 at the Hilton in Virginia Beach to pieces for the City of Hampton Circuit Courtrooms.

'I painted airplanes in the Navy and then that lead to spraying kitchen cabinets at a shop,' said Jim LaPorte. 'So I've made my own breaks and I've had some great teachers along the way,'

'The worst part of the job is sometimes the pressure that it takes to get the jobs done on time, on budget and with the quality that we expect from ourselves,' said Premiere Millworks owner George Melynk.

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