NC12 reopens one lane, crews continue to clear sand

NC 12 is back open.

MANTEO, NC (WVEC) — As of 12:30 p.m. on March 7, one lane of NC 12 was back open between Bonner Bridge and Rodanthe.

13News Now found NCDOT crews using scoopers to remove the remaining water and sand.

NCDOT Public Information Officer, Tim Hass said they were also working to build up the sand dunes again before the next high tide.

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"The high tide will just bring the sand and water back onto NC 12 and they’ll pretty much have to pretty much start all over again," said Hass.

He said the reason this ocean over-was was so bad is that the Nor’easter winds and a full moon mixed with a high tide create even higher waves.

Drives, like Belinda Nimmo, said the road conditions had her stranded in the Outer Banks for five days.

"I’m almost 62 and been coming down since 1964 and I’ve never my life see anything like it," said Nimmo.

She said while she was stuck, restaurants ran low on food and she was worried gas stations would run out of fuel.

Further south, Avon resident Jenni Koontz said conditions were challenging for those who have to work during these conditions.

"It’s hard to leave your home and your business not knowing if you’re going to be able to get back to it," said Koontz.

After 4:00 this afternoon, the rest of NC 12 reopened completely.

NCDOT said crews will still work to build up the sand dunes, before the next high tide which is expected to be around 11 p.m.


UPDATE on March 7 at 7:30 a.m.: NC 12 is closed again due to overnight overwash at Pea Island, Mirlo, and Ocracoke.

The road is closed to all traffic between the Bonner Bridge and Rodanthe, as well as on Ocracoke between the Pony Pens and the Ferry Terminal.


Transportation officials in the Outer Banks finally have the busy road back open on Tuesday evening, days after high winds from a nor’easter led to heavy coastal flooding.

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NC12 was closed between the Bonner Bridge and Rodanthe, as well as on Ocracoke between Pony Pens and the Ferry Terminal. Sand, water, and other debris are also present along with other parts of the road.

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NCDOT reopened the highway by 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Bonner Bridge and Rodanthe.

Although the road has been reopened, officials did warn that there could be additional ocean overwash at high tide and that travelers should expect sand and water on the road.

The continuing road issues, however, forced Cape Hatteras Elementary and Secondary schools to close for a second straight day.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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