Former UVA great, Brogdon named in FBI investigation

The Louisville Cardinals were the first significant school to take a major hit for its involvement in a recruiting scandal. Since having their 2013 national title vacated, there's now more fallout that includes NBA agent, Andy Miller and his former associate, Christian Dawkins.

Top ranked Virginia is among 20 Division I programs caught up in the scandal according to The player named among 25 current or former player who are part of the FBI and NCAA investigation is guard, Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks. Brogdon's mother, Dr. Jann Adams was reported to have had dinner at a cost of $64.18 with Dawkins at the Ritz-Carlton on March 3rd, 2016. She's denied the dinner ever happened.

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UVA's athletic department says they're aware of the matter and has no further comment at this time. The Cavaliers are among seven schools in the top-10 that have been caught up in the investigation.