NORFOLK, Va. — From commercials to Buzzfeed videos, after two and a half years in Los Angeles, Norfolk native and actor Zeus Campbell has found himself in an Academy Award-nominated film.

"It’s a dream. I haven’t woken up yet,” he said. The Norview High School graduate appears in Skin, which is nominated for Best Live Action Short Film.

The plot for this 20-minute short is about two families caught in the middle of gang violence. It starts with an innocent interaction at the supermarket in a small town, where an African-American man unknowingly smiles at a white supremacist’s kid.

Zeus plays the friend of the man who smiled.

If his face looks familiar, it because you’ve probably seen it. He’s known in the internationally for the TV show Homicide City on the Investigation Discovery Channel. He’s also the pilot in the Geico commercial where the Gecko is dropped off for a tour of in Norfolk at the Battleship Wisconsin.

Even though he lives in Los Angeles, his heart is always with Hampton Roads and he shows the connection subtly in his commercials.

One Buzzfeed video highlights his college pictures from his Alma Mater, Norfolk State University.

“Norfolk State raised me. They’ve been the most supportive alumni, behold the green and gold,” said Zeus. “We are such creative people in Hampton Roads. All we have to be is ourselves and bring our best light to that and the world responds to it.”

So, if you plan on watching the Academy Awards this weekend, keep an eye out for Zeus, spreading Spartan pride on awards night.

“I’m just thankful for all of the support,” said Zeus. “757 Academy Awards 2019 winner’s, we got it!” he said with fingers crossed.

The biggest night in Hollywood is this Sunday.

You can watch the 91st Academy Awards are this Sunday, on ABC. The show starts at 8 p.m. Eastern.