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'This little piggy's not broke. This little piggy went right to the bank' | 7-year-old raps about financial literacy

Most second graders are learning how to multiply, but this little VA girl is taking that a step further by using her music to teach kids about financial health.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Fredericksburg is home to a young ... very young ... up-and-coming rapper. Kennedy O'Neal is only seven, and recently released her first music video for the debut single "Piggybank."  

Her video starts with a statistic from a GOBankingRates.com survey that found 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. 

She's only in second grade so she's not rapping about poppin' bottles in the club or runnin' the streets. Kennedy is teaching little boys and girls how to be fiscally responsible. 

"I want to teach them how to save money, invest money and eat healthy," Kennedy explained, before rapping some of her song for me. 

"Hundred dollars? Thanks. Im'a put that in my bank. When I go check my account, I don't want that to be blank. No, I don't want to go broke. I want my piggy to bank. This little piggy's not broke. This little piggy went right to the bank," Kennedy raps in her catchy single. 

Pretty impressive, right? 

Kennedy's been learning about finance from her dad, Chris O'Neal, since she was two. 

"Mostly we just have her put money in the bank and then we treat her with toys," Chris said. 

Writing the song came easily to Kennedy, but when it came to performing for the music video, the 7-year-old rapper admitted that she was nervous at first.

"I was glad to have all of my friends there." 

Credit: wusa

The music video was shot in New York City.

"It was my first time in New York so I was really excited about that," she said with a big smile on her face. "I really want kids to save money. It’s cool to get toys and stuff, but you have to save to get ahead. Toys break, but money can grow." 

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The rapping is impressive by itself, but Kennedy is a superstar talent. At the age of five she co-authored a book with her dad titled "The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing." 

Makes you question what you were doing at five, huh? 

"I really like the idea of helping people," Kennedy said. "My goal is to help the people in Africa by giving them clean water. Missionaries come to my school and talk about their travels, and I really want to help the people in Africa." 

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