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MAKING A MARK: Local volunteer orchestra reaches spectators online during COVID-19 pandemic

Events across the area are canceled due to the coronavirus— but for Hampton Roads Philharmonic, the show must go on.

At a time when social distancing and self-quarantine keep people apart, music can keep artists and listeners connected.

“That's been the big silver lining for me— is that that's what people turn to when things get rough and we don't have anything else, perhaps,” said Steven Brindle, Music Director of Hampton Roads Philharmonic. 

The volunteer, community orchestra’s season was cut short due to the pandemic. “It's really tough to put everything we have into preparing for something and then just have to pull the plug,” said Brindle.

But that has not stopped the local musicians from sharing their talent with the community. They’ve gone virtual to conduct classes, performances and programs and are heightening their presence on social media. 

”More people are, I would say, on our end, that otherwise wouldn't be, like, social media users, they're getting on Facebook and connecting with us and more people are interacting with our Facebook page,” said Brindle.

The nonprofit needs your financial help to continue bringing classical music and more to the region during and after the crisis. 

“We need you now more than ever because there is just so much that goes on to keep an organization running-- even before we get to the concert hall,” said Brindle.

For more information about Hampton Roads Philharmonic, click here. You can also check out the group on Facebook.

To learn more about donating to Hampton Roads Philharmonic, click here.

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