VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — There are a few schools which sit in the heart of where the festival is staged.

Parents and grandparents are raising concerns on how they will pick up their children after school.

“Everyone seems to have the same concerns. Are we going to be able to get in here? Are we going to be able to park? How are we going to get home?” explained grandparent Mike Feltz.

The two schools that could be affected by the festival are Virginia Beach Middle School and Cooke Elementary School.

Feltz said, “We will probably leave a half hour early, and that will put us there a half hour early before school let’s out. Then, hopefully, we will have time to wait and not be rushing. The school will be holding the kids if the moms and dads and grandparents aren’t there. They’ll be holding them in the cafeteria where they normally do or the gymnasium.”

The Something in the Water festival is expected to bring renowned artists to town, and with them comes thousands of fans!

“Thursday is not really a big concern as much as Friday when everything kicks off at 2 o’clock just before school lets out. It’s going to be busy, busier,” Feltz explained.

VBCPS spokesperson said:

We anticipate a limited impact on transportation, which does not warrant interrupting the instructional day. We will be communicating with our families at those schools about our transportation plans for ‪Friday afternoon‬, and caution that there may be some minor delays on the roads.