VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Princess Anne High School's Cavalier Stadium felt a little like a rock concert as students screamed and applauded when their most famous alumnus made an appearance Wednesday.

Pharrell Williams made an appearance at his alma mater as they hosted a Battle of the Bands.

In the stands, students from all 11 Virginia Beach high schools watched as Pharrell spoke about coming home.

"Walking through the halls just now was like incredibly nostalgic, and I can't even tell you," Pharrell said. "My body is still buzzing with the electricity of being in the halls of this high school where you guys are at right now."

The eight marching bands on the field playing as one may have matched the electricity and buzzing Pharrell was feeling as they played loud and powerful.

Students said it means so much that he continues to come back and inspire them. 

"Not a lot of celebrities do that," said one student. "The fact that he is coming back to his own roots and remembering where he came from really shows the impact that Virginia Beach Public Schools has done for him and all of the opportunities that have opened up for him."

Pharrell wasn't the only major music star at the event. His life long friend Chad Hugo was given the key to the city, and Pusha-T even showed up.

"This is my family," Pusha-T said. "I owe so much to them. They were mentors. They taught me everything I know about music, Pharrell and Chad. I couldn't miss it." 

It felt like a rock concert at Princess Anne's Cavalier Stadium today...their most famous alumni returned home.

Pharrell also had the honor of introducing Hugo as he received the key to the city. 

"It was incredible to have Pharrell here," Hugo said. "He was part of my musical tribe. We grew up together making music, and we're the best of friends. It means a lot."