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'Something in the Water': Some dos and don'ts

If you're heading to the big #SITWfest in Virginia Beach, here's a list of what you're allowed to bring to the event and items security won't let you take past the checkpoint.


As you're getting ready and thinking about what they need for the festival, you may forget to look at what you're allowed to bring. 

Here are the do's and don'ts of what you can and can't get past the security checkpoint. 

DO take pictures of all the fun with your phone, a small point-and-shoot camera, or record with a go-pro. DON'T bring a camera with interchangeable lenses, professional cameras, drones and UAS flying devices won't be allowed in, and DON'T pack any poles or extenders like selfie-sticks or tripods. 

DON'T bring any audio recording devices. 

DO bring single compartment bags, clutch purses, fanny packs and hip bags under 14" x 11" x 5" to carry your things. DON'T bring larger bags, you won't be allowed to bring them in, but lockers will be provided. 

DO bring any prescription medication, syringes for medical purposes, epi-pens you'll just have to show your prescription and photo ID and you'll only be allowed the dosage required for each individual event date. DON'T bring medical marijuana or marijuana of any kind. DON'T bring any controlled substances or drug paraphernalia. 

DO bring over the counter medicine as long as it's in it's original, factory sealed container. 

DON'T bring firearms, ammunition or any weapons, that means no pocket knives, pepper spray, or mace. 

DON'T bring any fireworks or explosives. 

DO bring hydration packs and plastic, reusable bottles no bigger than 32 ounces. All bottles must be empty to bring into the event. DON'T bring metal, steel or aluminum bottles. Spray misters also won't be allowed into the event. 

DO bring cream sunblock. DON'T bring any aerosol sprays, including sunblock, sorry you'll have to stick to the lotion. 

DO bring standard sized beach towels to sit on in the designated areas. DON't bring larger blankets, towels or chairs including inflatable ones and bean bags. 

DO bring baby strollers. DON'T bring hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades or bikes. Once inside the venue, you'll have to rely on old-fashioned walking to get around. 

DO bring sunglasses and hats. DON'T bring wallet chains, spiked clothing, hi-visibility vests or any clothing that could be considered to imitate an event staff uniform or emergency services. 

DO bring earplugs. DON'T bring air horns, noisemakers, speakers, instruments or laser pointers. 

DO bring sealed chapstick or lip balm, sealed feminine products, sealed eye drops, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes. 

DO bring sealed cigarettes, e-cigs, juuls, and vapes. DON'T bring AVP/Mods or liquid refills for vapes. 

DO bring a lighter, as long as it's not a Zippo. 

DO bring gum and mints. DON'T bring a cooler, outside food and drinks are also not allowed.

DO bring documented service animals with their paper documentation. DON'T bring comfort, therapy or emotional support pets or your fur baby. Unfortunately, they don't meet the requirements of a service animal and aren't allowed in. 

DON'T bring umbrellas. 

DON'T bring binoculars, radios or walkie talkies. 

DON'T bring laptops, Macbooks, or tablets. 

DON'T bring any sharpies, markers or paint pens. 

DON'T bring flags or totems. 

DON'T bring flyers, samples, giveaways or any promotional items. 

For more information and answers to any other questions you might have, click here.