VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Something in the Water festival is two weeks away and many people are excited about the event, especially some local business owners.

Big companies including Sony, Verizon, and Adidas are sponsoring the event, but local businesses are also joining in the fun!

"We share very similar pillars for art, music, fashion... so it just seemed like a natural for us to be involved,” said D. Nachnani, the president and founder of Coastal Edge in Virginia Beach.

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Nachnani said he and other business owners are becoming local sponsors and inviting the festival goers into their business. Some will even hold free events!

"We are having special skate contest, and our friends with Vans are helping us with that," he said. "We are having the Vans custom culture art show where local area high schools are creating works of art on white Vans canvas shoes. We are doing a fashion show."

Nachnani said he believes Something in the Water will be a huge success.

"We are looking at this as long term, so we look forward to the opportunities of this year, but this could be a multiyear festival,” Nachnani said.