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Pusha T drops list of his favorite restaurants, hangout spots in Hampton Roads

The rapper just released his "It’s Almost Dry" album, the first one in four years. The first song on the album is titled "Brambleton," the name of a road in Norfolk.

NORFOLK, Va. — Author's note: The video above is about the Something In The Water Festival, where Pusha T is expected to perform.

Pusha T isn't just a Grammy-nominated artist, one half of the group Clipse, and a record executive. He's a Virginia Beach man, through and through.

The rapper just released his latest solo album "It’s Almost Dry", his first in four years. 

The first song on the album is titled "Brambleton," the name of a road in Norfolk, and was co-written by Pharrell Williams, another artist who grew up in Virginia Beach.

As a promotion for the album, Pusha T dropped a list of 10 of his favorite spots in southeastern Virginia. (Heads up Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Newport News: you all got shoutouts!)

Here's where he recommends people check out if they visit the 757:

  1. Virginia Beach Oceanfront
  2. Norfolk State University
  3. Feather 'n' Fin Chicken & Seafood (Norfolk)
  4. The NorVa (Norfolk)
  5. Luce (Norfolk)
  6. Hampton University
  7. The Alley (Newport News)
  8. Culture Lounge & Restaurant (Norfolk)
  9. District (Portsmouth)
  10. The Bee and The Biscuit (Virginia Beach)

He said the Oceanfront and NSU both played a role in his taste in music; Hampton University, The Alley and Culture Lounge & Restaurant were places he goes to enjoy himself; and even gave some of his favorite orders at the area's restaurants.

"If you ask people locally, they will never tell you it’s fast, because you have to call, put an order in, and then walk through the door, and then tell them you’re here, and then they’ll start your order," he wrote, talking about Feather 'n' Fin Chicken & Seafood.

"But it’s so good, that you’re gonna do every one of those steps," he said. "I order a boneless breast combo with cheese. You put hot sauce, mayo, honey on it – if you ask me. Some people put ketchup on theirs; I’ll pass."

You can visit his Apple Maps page for his commentary on why he picked each of these restaurants, attractions, and hangout spots.

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