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Sitting down with The Bachelor: Pilot Pete talks his 'turbulent' ride

Can he land the one? We spoke with the Peter Weber ahead of the season finale to find out all about the turbulence in his life.

For a professional pilot, Peter Weber’s experience on The Bachelor has been anything but a smooth ride.

Daybreak Anchor Kara Sewell sat down with him to talk all about the turbulence. 

Sewell: Does anyone ask you for dating advice? 

Weber: No, you’re the first person to ask... Communication is the most important thing and for me, this opportunity is one of the ways I grew. I became a much better communicator.

The once shy 28-year-old has kissed his way into a new comfort zone.

Weber: Airports are a crazy place for me now. But I'm appreciative. It's a lot of love. It's crazy to see them be so invested in my story and me finding in what I want.

You might spot him at DFW International— as a Delta pilot, Peter is in and out of the airport often, but that’s not his only Texas connection. 

Weber: I like to say, Sic 'em Bears!

Weber spent his freshman year at Baylor, before moving back to California to pursue piloting. 

Weber: I'm proud of it. 

He’s also proud of his time on the reality show. But what about the skeptics? 

Weber: You have no distractions, you are literally traveling the world, in some of the most romantic spots, with amazing people. How could you not fall for someone throughout this experience?

Whether its weeks or months, Peter believes there’s no timetable on falling in love. He just wants a love that lasts, like his parents'. 

But enough about romance, let’s have some fun! 

Sewell: Aisle seat or window seat? 

Weber: Always window. 

Sewell: Take off or landing?

Weber: Landing. 

Sewell: Pretzels or peanuts? 

Weber: Pretzel. 

Sewell: Turbulence or flight delay? 

Weber: When I was a kid, I loved turbulence, I would put my hands up and my mom would tell me to put them down. 

Sewell: You're crazy! I know. Turbulence for sure!

The final episode of The Bachelor will air in two parts, with the first part starting at 7 p.m. Monday.

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