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App Week: Staying fit with your phone

Motivation when embarking on a fitness goal is key and there are apps out there to make the journey a bit easier.

We're over a month into the new year. Have you kept up with your resolution? Maybe you’re lacking motivation, have you thought to look down to your phone for that added boost?

Jim White of Jim White’s Fitness & Nutrition Center talks apps that keep your eye on the prize.

“I think technology, we have to embrace it these days," Jim said. "It keeps our energy up, it motivates us, it provides that accountability.”

Here are a just a few of the apps:

JEFIT offers a database of structured workouts for strength and conditioning, contests to reward your progress and timed workouts making sure you get in that time either at the gym or at home.

Then we have DietBet. This is a weight loss challenge. Typically, you try and lose anywhere from four to 12 percent of your body weight, and you can win money! This, as you can imagine, is extremely motivational.

"Studies show that if we keep to these apps and track our progress when it comes to our workouts and our food, we can become 30 percent more adherent to exercise and nutrition," Jim explained.

Lose It! is another weight loss motivator. This is built on the power of social media and can almost be thought of as crowdfunded weight loss. Friends from your network help motivate you to reach your goals.

Time is usually a big deterrent for getting into a routine, that’s why Seven was developed. It’s a database of 7-minute workouts.

But what about cost?

Most versions of these fitness apps have free versions that offer a lot of the same features as the paid versions. If you use the app and like it, then it may be worth it to make an in-app purchase for more options.

Either way, there’s no excuse! There are plenty of apps and virtual motivators out there to see to it that you stay on task and reach your goals!

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