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Dirty Water Week: Lead test results

13News Now is testing local water to ensure it is safe and free of harmful levels of lead.

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Water has arguably never been safer to drink, but there's always the chance of lead seeping into our home's supply.

All this week, 13News Now is teaming up with Jennings Thompson Lab in Virginia Beach to test water in three local homes to help ensure our water is safe and free of harmful levels of lead.

Jack Thompson of Jennings Thompson Lab tested water at three different homes: one in Pungo that uses well water, a home that is 10 years old, and an older one that was built in 1850.

Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes.

"Best case is there's none, worst case is it would be above 15 parts per billion and that's the Virginia safe drinking water limit," Thompson said in regards to lead. "Most people don't want any in their water. I wouldn't."

It took Thompson only a matter of seconds to collect a sample. The lab then tested the water and found the lead is below EPA testing limits at all three locations, meaning it is safe to drink.

"Lead causes a lot of neurological disorders, memory loss, a whole litany of disorders it can cause, and especially with children, you don't want any lead in your water," Thompson said.

Lead can come from a variety of places, including copper pipes, the service line, and faucets. The EPA recommends people living off well water have it tested annually. Otherwise, contact your water service provider to find out about your water quality.

Click here for more information on drinking water and lead in Virginia.

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