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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Dock of the Bay II

The pandemic forced one restaurant to close, now the family owned business is hoping to bring in new customers.

CARROLLTON, Va. — November marks 9 months since the pandemic gripped the United States. In June, one Carrollton family made the decision to cut their business in half. Dock of the Bay I was located in Portsmouth, but now all that remains is Dock of Bay II in Carrollton. 

Stepping inside the restaurant, your mind is at ease with the nautical décor. In the kitchen, you find owners Sean and Yolanda Duffee among their sister and cousin. Family is a top priority for this business. 

“We wanna bring new friends and family in. We want you to be able to see what we’re doing here.” Sean said. 

Customers come in sometimes 2-4 times a week. This is a place many like to become a regular. If not for the food, for the friendly faces behind it. The Duffee’s say their goal isn’t to create a huge business, but rather to create a huge family; bringing customers in to feel like they are a part of it. 

Most of the workers inside are family, but even those who aren’t like Chris Riley, working here feels like home, “Everyone’s amazing. You look forward to coming into work.”

Riley is a big face inside this place. Customers will come in on his days off and beg to know where he is. This proves the family atmosphere extends well beyond the immediate family. 

“This is the future for us and our family.” The Duffee’s tell me this is not only how they support their 5 children, but how they stay close to them. Every child takes part in work at the restaurant allowing their parents to stay close and continue to build that family bond. 

If you’re now convinced to go for the friendly faces alone. The food will really sell you. Tuna tacos, a fried seafood platter, crab cakes, fresh filet and more. All their dishes were made fresh and in house. They are delicious too. There is an option for anyone, vegans, fans of chicken, steak lovers and of course seafood people too. 

The food, the family and the beautiful décor are just a few reasons to go to Dock of the Bay in Carrollton. Sean Duffee says the upcoming months are always slow and with the pandemic still gripping the country, they are relying on customers to get them through. “We’re hoping we can finish the year out nicely so we can keep going and keep our family on the right path.”

Dock of the Bay is located at 13162 Carrollton Blvd, Carrollton, VA 23314.