13News Now continues its month-long discussion covering various topics with an education panel. This week, it's "kid's only" as we discuss what's trending with teenagers in 2019.

Both high school Sophomore Evan Nied and 8th grader Jada Watkins don't have Facebook accounts. Evan calls it outdated. 

"Facebook is really uncommon. I know very few teens who have a Facebook account," Evan said. "A lot of kids just use Instagram and Facebook is for the older demographic. 

Jada said she and her friends mostly communicate using Instagram. 

"I mean, you can call your friends on the app now, so it just makes contacting your friends a lot easier like if you don't have their number, you can be like what's your Instagram, I can call or text you on there, it's a lot easier," Jada said.

"The commonly used apps are like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, there's another social networking app called VSCO, a lot of girls are doing it," Evan said.

Despite all the new trends, both Evan and Jada agree that their parents can relate to their generation. 

"I think overall, we're the same types of people," Evan said.

"My mom is on social media a lot so it's easier for her to know what certain trends are and what certain things mean. But not everyone's parents are like that so sometimes when it comes to what is that, I don't understand it? Not everyone's parents are like that," Jada said.