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Gardening Guru Ciscoe Morris on his latest "Oh, La, La!"

Ciscoe's new book, "Oh, La La!", highlights Ciscoe's characteristic charm with unique storytelling.

SEATTLE — For 45 years, the Pacific Northwest's favorite gardener Ciscoe Morris has put his green thumb to work and gathered plenty of stories along the way. His new book, Oh, La La! Homegrown Stories, Helpful Tips, and Garden Wisdom, combines personal stories and sage advice about all things gardening, wildlife, and more.

In this interview, we talk with Ciscoe about the release of his new book and one of his favorite topics: gardening with dogs.

My new book is called Oh, la la!  Homegrown Stories, Helpful Tips and Garden Wisdom.  It's short stories (mostly funny) about gardening, pooches and travel. There are stories from the gardens I've tended, the wildlife I've  encountered--deer, moles, rats, birds, and more, the secret lives of insects, my endeavors as head gardener at Seattle University and my love for pooches and how to garden without harming them.  I hope each story will make you smile but will also contain a nugget of gardening wisdom or a practical, helpful tip that home gardeners will be able to put to use in their own gardens.

The pups I brought on the show today are Izzy, a 2-year-old puppy rescue who is about half Boarder Collie, and half Golden Retriever, and the other little cutie I brought was little Leo. He's also a puppy rescue. He's 10 months and no one can figure out what he might be. Over the years Mary and I have had quite a number of pooches and we've loved the tweetle out of everyone of them. Today on the show I told the story of how I first managed to bring my beloved hound Goldie to work with me at Seattle U. If you didn't see the the show today, you can watch a video at New Day NW. There are a few added facts I didn't get time to mention on the show, such as that despite the fact that the president of Seattle U, Father Sullivan was known to be anything but a dog lover, I swear I saw him give Goldie dog treats while no one was looking, so even Father Sullivan fell in love with that lovable pooch!

My two pooches loved coming on the show today as you could probably tell from watching them show off. Izzy ate our couch, our rug, my pillow and ate my hearing aid, so what did we do? We got another puppy. Hey they are sweet, gentle and love the tweetle out of us, and each other. How could anyone ask for more.

I hope you'll give my new book a try. You'll find lots more stories about dogs, gardening and travel. All the best things in life!

Later gators!

Credit: New Day NW
Ciscoe loves gardening, dogs, and gardening with dogs!!

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