Is it time to cut the cord? Maybe you already have.

With so many options out there, what do you pick? Cable, satellite, or over-the-air and streaming?

The cheapest option? Good-old over-the-air TV. Buy an antenna, position it to get a free broadcast signal and hook it up to your TV. Bam! Free TV, but you only get your local channels and if you live too far from a transmitter, you may not have a signal at all.

Want to stream video? You’ll need a streaming device, like a Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV. Plus, you have to have internet service for any of these boxes to work, and some only work with WIFI.

Since you already need internet access, maybe a cable bundle is the way to go.

You’re looking at $80 per month for both internet, and television. Xfinity even has a deal that includes a Netflix app, so you only need one remote.

Cable and satellite companies are bringing more entertainment directly to your pocket. For example, Dish has their Hopper Go, a pocket-sized device that stores your whole DVR and creates a Wi-Fi hotspot you can stream with wherever you are.

There’s no one right answer. Simply put, you can save some money by cutting the cable or dumping satellite. But on the flip side, there is some pretty cool tech included with those providers, making your viewing experience more flexible and portable.

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