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Longtime 13News Now Production Manager Greg Brauer retires

For nearly five decades, Greg has been a staple at 13News Now.

NORFOLK, Va. — The year was 1975...The Bee Gees' "Jive Talkin’" was jumping up the charts, the war in Vietnam was ending, and it was the golden age of local news.

Here at WVEC, a young go-getter named Greg Brauer was starting his career in the station’s then-film department.

Nearly 50 years later, the long-time production manager at 13News Now is retiring.

Son of WVEC titan Harrol Brauer Jr., Greg never used his family’s status at the station to his advantage. 

“He was one of us,” said former 13News Now engineer Don Sherouse. “He acted like one of us.”

In the 1980s, Greg began directing newscasts from the control room before becoming our production manager in 1997 – a role he has proudly kept to this day.

“He never panicked,” said 13News Now reporter Mike Gooding. “He always gave us such reassurance that all would be okay. And thanks to him, everything was okay.”

“I always knew Greg would have my back,” said former 13News Now director Alan Fox.

Whether it was a telethon, a Christmas parade, or a daily newscast, Greg is the man behind the scenes making sure everyone else looks good and that everything runs smoothly.

“Things go wrong, he keeps the calm,” said Sherouse.

“It’s a lot like juggling multiple sharp objects,” said former 13News Now reporter Kathy Barnstorff. “And Greg was a master of that.”

Greg is also responsible for the careers of hundreds. He has been a guiding, steady hand for production assistants who have gone on to do big things in and out of the industry.

“When I think of Greg, I think of the person opening the door,” said former 13News Now director and production assistant Storm Calder.

The longest-tenured employee at the station, Greg is a WVEC titan in his own right. But above all, for nearly five decades, he’s been a true friend.

“Hampton Roads, and those who had the pleasure of working with you, are much better off because of your contributions,” said Barnstorff.

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