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13News Now Vault: How Virginia Beach's Oceanfront has been developed over the years

Change is never easy, especially when it involves prime real estate

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Change is difficult at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

That’s the case right now at Rudee Loop. City leaders are trying to figure out what to do with a prime plot of land at the resort area’s southernmost point, but they’re getting conflicting feedback from locals.

Development dilemmas like these are nothing new at the Oceanfront.

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Back in 1994, the demolition of the Dome between 18th and 20th Streets opened up a big chunk of prime property.

The hope was for the largest entertainment project in the resort area’s history.

But for decades the site has remained vacant and proposals have come and gone.

That wait may be over, however, after council members approved a major funding milestone for a surf park and entertainment venue at the old Dome site last November.

Back in 1990, the city was completing a makeover for the resort area that included trees, brick sidewalks, and newly paved lanes.

People loved the new look but the construction work drove business owners to their limit, and the city fielded plenty of complaints.

But it’s back in 1987 when we find the perfect parallel to Rudee Loop.

The city was going to buy an open plot of land to build a park at 24th Street and Atlantic, but they ended up killing the deal and letting the owner decide its fate.

The developer planned to put up a hotel, but the project never got off the ground. That location is now the 24th Street Park.

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