NEWPORT NEWS, Va. WVEC) -- Aaz Mickens-Dessasso is a young entrepreneur with a focus on changing the way future business functions.

Her current company is called "Pitch Black." Six different schools in Newport News hire her to teach middle schoolers the five different business platforms of social entrepreneurship.

"Middle school is the perfect age to teach these concepts. This is the age where they start to realize that their contributions matter. They are still young enough to be creative and have an imagination," said Mickens-Dessasso.

Instead of asking the kids what they want to be when they grow up, Mickens-Dessasso asks them what problem in the world they want to solve. She teaches them the concept behind Starbucks, for example. The company that not only makes millions off of their coffee but also puts that money toward education for its baristas.

Children in her class also set up a hypothetical ice cream shop business. They had to come up with how it's going to make money and then what percentage of their profit will go to doing goodwill in the community.

Mickens-Dessasso hopes more schools will adopt the workshops next year.