CARROLLTON, Va. — Cone Slingers Ice Cream in Carrollton is a locally owned ice cream shop that makes all of their ice cream from scratch. 

Owner Reeva Luecke said the reason she started her own ice cream shop was simple, “my inspiration came from wanting some homemade ice cream close to where I live so I experimented with making cones and ice cream for about 5 years.” 

Eventually, she decided to take a formal ice cream-making class from Penn State and started her business shortly after that.

Because Luecke and her staff make all of the ice cream themselves, they get to experiment with some unique flavors. Some of their current flavors include things like honeysuckle rose and bacon brickle. 

“We do run about 27 flavors per day and about 13 flavors that we keep regularly because they are the most popular,” Luecke said.

They also offer some vegan options and the staff at Cone Slingers encourages you to try some free samples when you come in before you settle on just one.

If you would like to check out their menu or get more information, go to their website:

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