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Making Your Mark: Glamorous effort to help kids feel beautiful

PORTSMOUTH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- Going back to school is glamorous and Tamika Quinn is making sure children at homeless shelters feel that way.

"It is about putting them in a place mentally and physically where they know they are going to be successful," Tamika said. "They matter, they are successful on the inside just as much as they're beautiful on the inside."

Tamika is giving back to children at the PARC Family Shelter in Portsmouth with her 3rd Annual Back to School Glam Night. It's a red carpet celebration to kick off the new school year feeling good. Tamika got several stylists and beauty business owners to donate time and resources to allow children to get their hair and nails done and new dresses. The purpose is to let them discover their inner beauty and confidence, too.

It's a message Tamika was telling one young girl who was already getting her hair done for the big event.

"You are going to be somebody, I see it," Tamika said.

"I'm going to be a hairstylist when I grow up and I'm going to be lawyer," the girl said.

"You are?" Tamika replied. "I want your autograph now."

"It just warms my heart to give back," Tamika said.

Glam Night is Friday night. It's part of Tamika Quinn's empowerment and goodwill venture called "Purses with Purpose" and "Pink Carpet Glam Girl". Sponsors volunteering their time, talent, and resources include:

  • Renewed Flawless Beauty by Evangeline Medley,
  • Hair and Makeup by Misty Potts, the VA College of Beauty & Barber Culture, Clippers Barbershop, Hope Braids N More, Dee Polite, Empire School of Beauty, Precious Moments Salon, Capris Elmore, Kathy Taylor, and MP Island Café in Norfolk.

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