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MAKING A MARK: Newport News group helps people in need

Serve The City Newport News is rallying volunteers and partnering with organizations to help people throughout their community.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — What's more important? Meeting a person's need or knowing a person's name? Serve The City Newport News is doing both.

Condy Hahne is the organization's leader. 

"The driving force is called 'cross the line'," says Hahne. "It's to motivate people to cross the line from where they are and to serve other people on the other side of the line- whether the line is a train track or a city street or your sidewalk or even your driveway."

Serve The City Newport News is part of an international organization helping the homeless, elderly, disabled, refugees, children in need, and victims of abuse. 

"Serve The City is designed to kind of connect the volunteers and people who want to serve with meaningful opportunities to serve in the community," Hahne says. "Just being able to show acts of kindness, raise that kindness quotient in the community."

In Newport News, Serve The City is working to transform neighborhoods by bringing neighbors together. Frederika Jones is the group's prayer coordinator. 

"You're just a human being, just like I am. You live, you breathe just like I do," says Jones. "So, if I can be a part of your life... pour something into your life, I'm gonna pour it in. At the same time, I'm receiving so much... back into me."

The organization's first event was held in March of 2017. Since then, they've mobilized volunteers and linked with organizations for activities that fit the desires of the community. 

"One of our mottoes is, 'many people doing small things together can make a big difference'," says Hahne. "And so, we come out and do those small things in the community, and they do add up and they do make a big difference."

Serve The City Newport News' core values back up their stance that building a greater city starts by building great relationships.

Serve The City Newport News is accepting more volunteers and wants to create more partnerships throughout the city. For more information, click here.


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