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MAKING A MARK: Poquoson police officer also heads dog rescue and sanctuary

Officer Carla Crockett is helping dogs get off the street and into forever homes through Pit Road K9 Rescue & Sanctuary.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Carla Crockett has a heart for helping. By day, she's a Poquoson police officer. By night, she's a vet technician for an animal emergency center. 

And somehow in between, she manages to find homes for rescued dogs—especially pit bulls. 

"I've been a police officer for over 20 years now. Every time we got a call, it was, 'There's a pit bull loose! There's a pit bull loose!' And it wasn't always a pit bull," says Crockett. 

"Every dog that was loose or doing something wrong was a pit bull, and that's not the case. They need just as much help as everybody else."

Crockett is president of Pit Road K9 Rescue & Sanctuary, a no-kill nonprofit that mostly assists the bully dog breeds. 

"We do try to educate... people [on] what loving animals these are, 'cause they're not the stereotype," Crockett says.

While her mother started the rescue, Crockett says she couldn't help but get involved. "I started helping her out more and more, and more and more... to a point where it came to me becoming president," says Crockett.

Wearing so many hats, Crockett may not get much downtime. But she says there's no plan to rest until all of their rescues have forever homes.

"They love you, no matter what," says Crockett. "And even the hard ones that think they don't like you at first... they'll get to know you. They get to like you."

Pit Road K9 Rescue & Sanctuary relies on donations and is also looking for more foster homes for their rescued dogs. For more information visit their website or their Facebook page.


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