NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- During the summer months, some children could use the time off from school to get individual attention and find out what is uniquely inside of them.

That is the mission of the Young Achievers Excellence Program in Newport News, debuting this year under Crusading Outreach Ministry. The program is designed to inspire children, especially those who are underprivileged, to explore their gifts and talents and start paving the path to their destiny.

"These children have so many different talents and nobody is there to help them bring that particular talent out," says Deloris Petteway, Founder & Director of Crusading Outreach. The ministry has been in existence for 24 years.

Petteway says she's encountered so many children living at a disadvantage, but with a ton of potential. "By being out there with people, I learned that there were so many different needs in the community."

Crusading Outreach's Program Facilitator Alesha Brown is heading the Young Achievers Excellence Program, a four-week intensive writing course to improve a child's literacy skills as well as teach empowerment, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. "...we have to do something to place our children in a position where their voice is being heard, but they are also learning," Brown says.

Petteway feels Young Achievers is beneficial to children because it gives them a supervised outlet to speak and think freely. "Someone looking deep inside of your child, listening to your child. The thoughts that your child [has] that other people are not going to listen to."

Brown has prepared exciting activities for the program's participants that will also help them to maximize their potential. "Let them do creative things to express themselves that they think are fun. Then you hit them with the actual work!"

At the end of the program, every student will receive a paperback version of the book they have written and will present it during the graduation ceremony. The program begins June 18 at the Youth Career Cafe inside Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, and is open to kids ages 12-17. Tuition is $30 per week, and if you'd like to become a sponsor, your donation is tax deductible.

To register your child, or donate to the program click here.