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Survey: 60% of Americans check in with their work daily while on vacation

According to a new poll from LinkedIn, Americans say they have a hard time unplugging from work, especially if they make a lot of money.

Americans have a hard time unplugging from work. Like, a really, really hard time. 

According to a new survey from LinkedIn, 60% of Americans said they deal with work duties while on vacation, with 59% of workers admitting that they check in with their boss daily while away from the office. Nearly one-fourth of workers (23%) said they actively do work more than three times a day on vacation.

The survey also found that the more money a person makes, the harder it is for them to get away from work on their personal time. Of workers who earn between $180,000 and $200,000, 92% said they engage with their employer at least once a day on vacation. 

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Whether you work during your vacation days or not, it's important you take them. According to a recent study, people who don't take their vacation time have a 37% greater chance of dying early and are more likely to show signs of depression.