Alyna Macias just wanted to play basketball.

As the team manager for the Tucson High School junior varsity teams, Alyna has laced up her shoes and practiced just as hard as her fellow teammates.

"She has attended practice since the beginning of our season, has participated in drills during practice and during all of our home games assists the coaching staff when needed," Tucson High's head coach Annette Gutierrez said.

But she was persistent in asking to play, Gutierrez said. So the coach of the JV B squad, Felicia Greenhouse, made her a promise after the third game. If she did a good job as a manager, she'd play in the last game of the season.

She did a GREAT job.

"When she was told by Coach Greenhouse that she will get to play in the game, her reaction was priceless," Gutierrez said.

Alyna immediately smiled at the good news, and when she ran out onto the court the crowd cheered loudly. She scored four points in the third quarter against Flowing Wells High School.

Gutierrez said Alyna is an inspiration to every player in the Tucson High basketball program.

"Her commitment and determination to be on the team is priceless," Gutierrez said. "She earned and deserved to play."