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It’s the holiday season, and I bet you know what that means. It’s that time of year when I highlight your positive work and customer service experiences. Of course, I always want to help you with your workplace woes and customer service issues, but I love hearing from those of you who enjoy your work and appreciate your bosses and co-workers, as well as those of you who have received excellent customer service.

Just as your problems sadden me, your positive experiences truly fill me with joy. They give me hope and faith in the goodness of mankind. It reinforces my belief that there are a lot of positive things going on in our world, and when we share them with each other, it has a way of lifting our spirits and actually increasing this behavior.

I’d love for more of you to email me with your positive experiences at, so I can publish them in my upcoming holiday columns!

Here’s to positivity!

I’m a private person when it comes to my personal life, so I don’t share much about it when I’m at work. Earlier this year, my dad passed away, so when I got off work, I would go to my mom’s house to fix her dinner and keep her company until she got ready for bed. I’m so glad I could do this for my mom, but it kept me from taking care of and spending time with my kids and husband. I talked about my situation with the one person I was real close to in the office, knowing she would be understanding. But she took it upon herself to tell others, and they decided to give me meals and restaurant gift cards for over a month so that during the work week I had more than enough food for not just my mom but my husband and kids too. At first I was so embarrassed by everyone’s generosity, but as I thanked everyone day after day, I realized how much they cared and how they were an extension of my family. They really helped me when I needed it. I’ve gotten to know my co-workers on a different level. I appreciate them and my job more than I ever have.

Blessed with thoughtful co-workers

I never thought I would be one to use the self check-out at my grocery store, but the cashiers at my Kroger in Norfolk on Little Creek Road are so patient and helpful in showing me how to use it. Now, I’m a pro at it, but if I ever have a problem, they are always there to help me out.

Happy with my Kroger

I can’t say enough good things about the Savory Spice Shop in Westfield, NJ! They have an amazing selection of spices, freshly ground and mixed herbs, and custom blends to choose from. I think it’s like over 400! But what’s even more wonderful is the way their staff is so friendly and accommodating. I’m just a busy mom trying to make my meals a lot more appealing to my husband and kids, and their staff is always so nice and helpful. They not only make sure I get all the right spices, but they also give me great meal prep suggestions. I know their website has a ton of great recipes, but it’s so nice to know I will always get wonderful one-on-one attention and answers to all my questions when I visit their shop.

Loving my Savory Spice Shop

I love the food and the people at Granby Street Pizza! I have never had a bad meal there, and the owner, Pete, and his staff, are so nice. They always make us feel so welcomed. They even remember what we typically order. I leave there looking forward to my next visit.

Granby Street Pizza is the best

I have to give a shout-out to Kudosz Gift Baskets! They have become my go-to place for all kinds of gifts. I have bought quite a few of their baskets for Christmas, birthdays, as a way of saying thank you, and just because gifts. They have a ton to choose from, their on-line ordering process is so easy, and they’re always delivered on time. And when I’ve had questions, they respond real quick, but most important, all my recipients rave about their gift baskets!

They also have the best giveaway contests I’ve ever entered. I know they’re not scams because I actually know someone who won! The prize baskets are themed in some way and filled to the brim with first class swag. All I had to do was sign up for their emails, and I only get them twice a week, which is so nice compared to a lot of other businesses who email me.

I hope your readers will check them out this holiday season!

Kudos to Kudosz Gift Baskets

I have the best bosses. I’m an editorial assistant at the University of Iowa Press, and my bosses, the senior acquisitions editor and director of the press, want me to learn as much as I possibly can about the publishing industry so I’ll be as versatile and well-rounded when I hit the job market after graduate school. They connect me to people and projects relevant to the fields I’m interested in, and they have gradually expanded my responsibilities in a way that hasn’t overwhelmed but has continued to challenge me. I also love the way they consult me and other junior staff about potential books and whether or not the Press should publish them, which makes us feel like we have an integral part in creating the brand and mission of the Press.

I also appreciate never feeling like I’m working in a vacuum and wondering whether I’m on track or not because my bosses always give me feedback after each of my assignments.

I’m so fortunate and I don’t take it for granted.

Amazing bosses at University of Iowa Press

I know I wrote you last year, but I hope you will include my email about Popeyes on Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk. I think they have some of the best fried chicken, fries, and biscuits in town. They still have the same manager and assistant manager, Leslie and Veronica, which is a huge plus. These ladies are always so friendly and always makes sure we get exactly what we ordered and that it’s nice and hot.

Always a Positive Experience at Popeyes

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