Dear Roze:

Is it okay to apply for jobs I’m not totally qualified for on paper if I think I can do the work the jobs require? I’ve been seeing job openings I’d really like to put in for. I believe I can do most of what the jobs are asking for, but I don’t have all the requirements and qualifications they have listed.

Capable but not fully qualified on paper

Dear Capable but not fully qualified on paper:

I firmly believe you shouldn’t be dissuaded from applying for jobs just because you don’t have all the requirements and qualifications delineated in the postings. That being said, it’s important to be realistic. If I was working with you, I would examine your resume, talk to you about your background and experiences, and review the job postings to determine your competitiveness before encouraging you to apply.

If we determine you are competitive, we would identify the elements of the job postings that appear to be critical, so you would highlight your transferrable skills and relevant experiences in your resume, cover letters, and interviews. We would also be sure you mirror the employers’ language in your documents and during your interviews.

Bottom line, don’t cut yourself off from potential job opportunities; but be discerning when deciding whether or not to apply and, most important, if you do apply, do the necessary preparation so you get the consideration you deserve.

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