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Animals in the 757 get special Thanksgiving meals

Organizations have been going the extra mile. Here's how an animal shelter, the Virginia Zoo, the Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Aquarium celebrated.

NORFOLK, Va. — Thanksgiving is a day of celebration and feasts -- and in Hampton Roads, that goes for more than just humans.

All around the 757, organizations have been going the extra mile to make sure our companions get special meals and attention, too. 

Here are just a few of the groups celebrating:

Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center

The shelter in Virginia Beach took some of their furry friends to the newly Thanksgiving-themed LOVE sign for a self-portrait.

A spokesperson for the animal care & adoption center said the pups enjoyed the gorgeous weather and time outdoors.

"We are closed today but still here loving the pets," the group wrote on Facebook. "They may not have a home but they do have family."

Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum in Newport News is home to more than just furry friends; today, they highlighted some rad reptiles.

Their box turtle group had quite the spread of fruits and turtle food.

The VLM website calls these little guys "opportunistic omnivores – which basically means they will eat anything they can get their beaks around!"

If you want the recipe for a proper box turtle-friendly cake, click here.

The Virginia Zoo

Today, the Virginia Zoo highlighted their Kunekune pigs having a Thanksgiving meal.

This species, native to New Zealand, is highly intelligent. Right now, the zoo has Ricky, Lucy and Ethel in this exhibit.

We're not sure what they're eating, but we hope it's some type of cousin to sweet potato pie.

The Virginia Aquarium

This one's more "terrifying" than cute.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center let its Komodo dragons have a special turkey treat, two raw turkeys hooked up on strings.

The dragons, Teman and Sanchez, make quick work of the birds. 

These apex predators have razor-like teeth and mouths that secrete an anticoagulant, meaning when they bite live things, the bleeding won't stop correctly.

The turkeys never stood a chance.

If you're including your pets in this holiday, make sure you're only letting them eat foods that are safe for them.